Americana Music Times – Haley Forehand, 2011
“This album takes me back, and simultaneously forward. I like what I hear, want to hear it live. Some down-home roots mix nicely with clear, intuitive vocals and I think put a very nice spin on things. Something that we don’t typically hear, but this scene needs. Even the title, “Moving Still” seems to be indicative of the unusual pairing of grass roots and concrete. I dig it, period. Looking forward to the full album. Think the band deserves a live listen. Check ‘em out.”
The Battalion, College Station, 2010
“Mixing rock and roll with red dirt country, the band has garnered support and fans from all over the Lone Star State.”
The University Star, San Marcos, 2010
"Caravan Go has found success in its music..."
Tammy Miranda - Tammy Miranda Music Productions, 2010
"Caravan Go's new EP brings us a rare fresh mix of modern alternative rock sounds with vocals reminiscent of acts such as Green Day and Pearl Jam. Tracks include soaring arena rock guitar licks that just pull the listener in and make your heart race. There's something electrifying and intriguing about this new project. I'm predicting great success for this group of sexy, talented rising rock stars!"
Emily Ruth, Textbookdazzling PR, 2010
“Howling for absolution, Caravan Go bleed unabashed honesty on this auspicious debut. Whirling guitars and non-negotiable regrets spin stories of loss and pain - reminding us all that sometimes when we drive away, we drive away for good.”
D. Tichnell, Pink Pistol Records, 2010
“From the melodic ambience of Stay to the crashing pop of Back to Me Again, the EP resonates a diverse pallet for the listener that proves not one song, but the album in its entirety is necessary to understand its complexity... Caravan Go blends a red dirt alternative pop groove complete with guitar solos (a rarity in today’s pop for some reason.) From acoustic, instrumental and harmony driven melodies to crashing guitar solos, Caravan Go gives its fans an honest effort of eclectic flavor in each track engaging a new experience throughout.”
Aly Kerr, Music Director KTBC FOX 7 (Austin), 2010
I LOVED you guys this morning!! I was totally rocking out. :)
I'd love to have you guys back on in the future. Please stay in touch.




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